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  • 300-500kg/h Maize Flour Mill
  • 300-500kg/h Maize Flour Mill

    Maize Flour Mill Description

    6F Series Horizontal Automatic Flour mill is suitable for individuals to process wheat and other cereals, like corn, sorghum, soybean, etc. This machine uses pneumatic lifting, roller milling, and features high productivity, labor-saving, low consumption and convenient maintenance.

    Maize Flour Mill Material Process Flow Chart

    Through the dampening conveyor, the raw grain is stored to the grain silo temporally. Opening the small door on the bottom of the grain silo, the grain is sent to the cyclone discharger by the air draft fan, and then flows through the air-lock into the flour mill machine. The milled grain flows into the round sieve, and it is sieved separately, the flour which accords with the standard are sent to the cyclone discharger by air draft fan, and then into the flour collecting cabinet and packaged in the end. While the unexpected flour are sent to the round sieve by the air draft fan, so as to remove the bran, and the left material will be sent to the another part of grain silo. When all the raw grain are milled, we open the small door in the another part of grain silo to mill like this circularly.

    Maize Flour Mill Equipment List

    No. Name Model Qty.
    1 Flour mill 6F2240 1
    2 Round sieve 2
    3 Draught fan 6-30-6A 1
    4 Air-lock valve 3
    5 Cyclone discharger 3
    6 Grain silo 2
    7 Flour collecting cabinet 1
    8 Ventilation network pipeline 1
    9 Steel frame 1
    10 Motor 2

    This type corn processing equipment adopts advanced all-dry method, with large output, high efficiency and low power consumption, high automation. It has passed the ISO international quality management system and EU CE certification.

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