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  • 20T/D Corn Processing Equipment
  • 20T/D Corn Processing Equipment

    Corn Processing Equipment Process Overview:

    Corn double production (grits, flour) equipment use high-quality automation solutions to maximumly lower the artificial expenditure and reduce production costs. Specialized food arts designers team and commissioning engineers ensure the advanced craft, which reduces not only energy consumption,but also the impact of the magazine, ash, bran magnitude on the finished product. Varieties of products and product quality achieve or exceed the national standards, greatly increasing market competitiveness.

    Complete equipment has many characteristics such as advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, dedicated, reasonable layout, small dynamic consumption, high flour yield, high product quality and so on. The finished products are widely used in the food enterprises, sugar companies and beer companies, in which the core equipment all have received national patents.

    Corn Processing Equipment Process Description:

    1. unprocessed grain cleaning section: using a sieve, a stoner, a magnetic separation, and configured winnowing system to clean out the large complex, small miscellaneous in grain.

    2. peeling to embryo section: using two peeling machines, a polisher, two sifting machine and a selection.

    1) two peeling and one polishing promise to clean up the skin and embryo. Through effective suction system separate powder and skin;

    2) sifting: separate the material in accordance with different sizes and different quality ;

    3) selection: according to the proportion of different materials, separate the skin and broken embryo from the material by the combined effects of cowl flap and the airflow;

    3. grits section: using fine grits, brush powder, sifting and classification suspension.

    1) fine grits: Material broken into grits, crush the endosperm (white dots) with smaller hardness to fine powder;

    2) brush powder: separate the white power from the material;

    3) sifting: grading according to different materials sizes;

    4) suspension: according to materials specific gravity, separate the micro grits from the skin with different airflow;

    4. milling section: use multi steps of milling and sifting process.

    1) grinding: grind the flour in the mill to powder;

    2) sifting: separate the grinding fine powder in the material out;

    5. the weighing and packing station: silo can reduce the amount of labor, weighing and packing may also be used in manners of artificial or electronic.

    Corn Processing Equipment Technical Indicators:

    1. product yield rate: grade corn grits, grade corn flour 25-30%, 20-25% corn bran. Corn grits, corn flour total production rate: 75 to 80%.

    2. product structure: corn grits / ballast, corn flour, corn bran

    3. the finished products index

    A. corn flour fineness: 40-200 mesh (the fineness of powder can be controlled)

    B. sand content:<0.02%

    C. magnetic metal content:<0.003 / kg

    D. water: storage type 13.5-14.5%

    E. fat content: 0.5-1%

    F. appearance taste: uniform size particle with golden color, smooth, without edges, silty fine, pure taste.

    The core equipment: shaker, grading stone machine, fan, suction duct, from embryo, embryo election machine, peeling machine, polishing machine, flat screen etc.

    This type corn processing equipment adopts advanced all-dry method, with large output, high efficiency and low power consumption, high automation. It has passed the ISO international quality management system and EU CE certification.

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