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This type corn processing equipment adopts advanced all-dry method, with large output, high efficiency and low power consumption, high automation. It has passed the ISO international quality management system and EU CE certification.

Advantages of LiangYuan corn peeling technology


Our unique and special corn peeling technology has been widely and maturely applied to the corn peeling machine, which advances development of corn processing machine industry a lot. Totally different from emery roller peeling technology, LiangYuan corn peeling machine have following features during peeling corn seed.

1. Corn seed skin removal rate is up to 98%

2. Besides removing corn skin, this technology can also separate corn germ and black hilum

3. Delicate design, peeling rate can be adjusted depending on customer’s need

4. During peeling, technology can also polish corn seed to make corn seed look brighter and nicer.

5. Dry way and wet way mutual application

For corn processing industry, to peel corn well or not is the most important preparation before further processing corn and determines quality of corn grit and corn flour. For traditional corn mill, to guarantee good peeling effect, it requires several equipments to proceed. Process is complicated and costly, high energy consuming. Things are totally different for LiangYuan corn peeling technology. Corn peeling technology is easy to operate. The corn peeling machine only needs to peel corn one time, no repeat. After peeling, there is no black dots from kernel , low energy consuming to save production cost. The peeled kernel is bright with attractive fragrance, which fully displays corn nature and property.

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