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This type corn processing equipment adopts advanced all-dry method, with large output, high efficiency and low power consumption, high automation. It has passed the ISO international quality management system and EU CE certification.

Total Drying Maize Milling Processing Methods


The total drying maize milling processing adopt (full dry) maize peeling process methods, which can produce low-fat corn grits, corn meal, corn bran. Corn grits, corn flour are materials in food plants, alcohol plants, liquor plants, breweries, lactic acid plant, corn sugar , they can be re-processed, but also the best food for urban residents coarse fine eating for a better life, corn bran can be used as feed. (Corn bran packaged directly without drying)

Product output rate:corn grits 40-45% ; corn flour 30-25%;corn bran 20-30% , corn grits, corn flour 70-80% of total production rate (production rate adjustable)

flour quality indicators:

1, corn flour size: 40-100 mesh (thickness adjustable) 2, sediment concentration: not more than 0.002%

3, the magnetic metal content: not more than 0.003g / kg 4, water: Storage type: 13.5-14.5%

5, color Odor: pink, smell, taste normal. 6, the fat content: 0.5-1

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