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This type corn processing equipment adopts advanced all-dry method, with large output, high efficiency and low power consumption, high automation. It has passed the ISO international quality management system and EU CE certification.

Small Flour Mill Machinery Populared With Famers


Small flour mill machinery is mainly used in rural places small workshops, Small flour mill machinery production rate is relatively low, wheat flour color is looking a little worse, but also populared with many people,howeverSmall flour mill machinery roll machine in the world is now processed flour The preferred device. Small flour mill machinery does not represent less production per unit time, but meaning Small flour mill machinery footprint is small, low cost and high efficiency. Small flour mill machinery factory often use Small flour mill machinery, Small flour mill machinery function is not low, it is due to the process is simple. sieving and washing machine are omitted when wheat processed in Small flour mill machinery, only rolled wheat processing, thereby improving the processing efficiency of wheat.

Henan Institute Of Grain Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.The main products are all kinds of corn mill machine,maize milling machine,animal feed pellet machine,rice mill machine,flour mill machinery,corn flour mill,corn mill

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